England’s glorious North West is wonderful for many reasons, but the weather certainly isn’t one of them.

Manchester has rain issues, and Liverpool can nearly match plus add a biting wind which rolls in off the sea and seems to stab your cheeks.

Very often when footballers leave one of the area’s clubs and go somewhere slightly warmer, the weather crops up in interviews, and that’s the case with Luis Alberto.

The 25 year old signed for Liverpool in 2013 and after a couple of loans back in Spain left for Lazio last year.

Asked by Spanish newspaper AS about settling in at Lazio, Alberto said: “At first it was hard to have to change again country but in Rome one lives very well, the standard of living is similar to Spain, also the weather, and both my family and I are happy to be here. The weather in Liverpool was much more complicated, here it is better.”

The weather isn’t the only reason Luis Alberto didn’t feel right in Liverpool, with Brendan Rodgers wanting him to bulk up: “In Liverpool with Rodgers, they asked me to work a lot more in the gym, to gain weight, and I didn’t feel comfortable.”

Clearly much happier in Rome, it’s showing in Alberto’s football, and the Cadiz boy is living through a better period in his young career.