It was inevitable that as soon as things got a little difficult for James Rodriguez there would be claims he isn’t happy at Everton and is finding it difficult to adapt to life in England.

Defensa Central now bring what they present as an exclusive… and it claims just that.

Now, it’s worth pointing out this is a Real Madrid focused website and they say their information in this case has come from a source close to the Spanish club.

The report states James is beginning to be ‘unhappy’ with his life in England, especially uncomfortable with the ‘weather, customs, very physical football’.

Even the presence of Carlo Ancelotti, though welcome, isn’t changing things, and James wants to return to Madrid… to sign for Atletico.

Of course, all of this is very welcome to a Real Madrid audience, who have had to put up with the embarrassment of their club letting the player join Everton for free. In addition to that, quite why James would share his unhappiness with Los Blancos sources remains unclear, because at the very least it would partly be a failure on his part.

For now this just sounds like inevitable claims, but it would be no huge shock if he wants to escape the weather… the rest of us do too.