Scouts from Watford have been doing a job in Spain, according to a very interesting piece from local outlet Marca today.

Their report says the Hornets officials were present at the match between Athletic Club Bilbao and Mallorca at the weekend. The emissaries were ‘in the front row’ of the press box.

It’s said there were two ‘technical scouts’ from Watford, who were very close to the coaches and analysts from Athletic, who do not watch the game from the bench.

Marca writes that the Hornets’ officials had a list of players to watch and would take notes depending on where the ball was.

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According to the story, there were many things noted about the home side’s defensive sector, both when they were defending as in build-up play.

That’s all Marca knows for now, as they don’t have any information and don’t even guess who the Watford scouts could be specially interested in. The outlet just points out the job done by Cristiano Giaretta and Filippo Giraldi at the club, saying they spent €19m in signings this summer and should make new additions in January.

Athletic beat Mallorca 2-0, and had a defensive line formed by Iñigo Lekue, Dani Vivian, Íñigo Martínez and Mikel Balenziaga.