Often criticised this season for underperforming following his transfer to Manchester United, Paul Pogba’s performance against Netherlands for France was a window into what he is capable of achieving on a regular basis.

Showing off his impressive passing range and topping off a promising display with the only goal of the game, could it be the midfielder is finally overcoming his summer hangover?

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Leaving Juventus fans with a bitter taste in their mouths when he left the club in the summer, some of his former teammates are somewhat more supportive, including the ever professional Gianluigi Buffon.

The 38-year-old, who was in Monte Carlo to receive the Golden Foot award as a reward for his impressive career, was interviewed by Corriere dello Sport and was asked about the young French midfielder’s slow start to the season with Manchester United.

He said: “It makes me smile: it’s a long eight to ten month season, and only two have passed. How can you tell he’s not doing well? Wait before drawing conclusions. You judge a horse at the finish line, not at the start of the race.”

With a tough game against Liverpool on Monday night, all eyes will be on the French midfielder ahead of the clash, and expectations for him to make something happen will be higher than ever.

A great performance, and he’ll be a hero. A tepid display, and every bit of hope from the Holland game will evaporate and criticism will be rife.

That’s how the media and fans works. Patience isn’t their strong suit. Sorry Gigi.