Erik Lamela has a contract with Tottenham Hotspur until June 2018, which is just under two years away from now. Therefore it’s around about the time that player and club need to seriously think about coming to an agreement.

Spurs showed with Christian Eriksen that they don’t panic and hand out huge contracts at the slightest hint of a player wanting one, and whilst Lamela would be expected to extend, it’s unlikely he can hold Tottenham to ransom.

The Daily Mirror reported over the weekend that the Argentine international wants his wages doubling to £120,000 per week as a condition of signing a new contract. Once again, Inter Milan are mentioned and the story has already made its way around Italy.

There’s always Lamela interest in Italy and whilst the vultures will be circling, or least linked, the amounts the player wants makes a return to Serie A difficult.

Inter News have obviously picked it up, saying he could return to being on the Milan club’s agenda, whereas Calciomercato say the news is a ‘shock’.

Perhaps it’s the amounts they’re shocked by, because £120,000 may sound like a high footballer wage in England, but in Italy it would be colossal.

Mauro Icardi is Inter’s star player and captain, and is currently paid less than half of that. Therefore if Lamela is looking for big wages, Inter probably isn’t the best place to look for them.

Unless the Argentine can play well enough to convince Real Madrid or Barcelona to break the bank for him, then he’s likely to find the best financial offer in the Premier League, which makes a Tottenham renewal sound all the likelier.