Brexit and the potential impact on football has long been a favourite topic for sections of the European media.

The idea of it having a severe impact on the Premier League and Championship has often been covered, sometimes seemingly through more hope than expectation.

Should recruitment become more difficult for clubs in both divisions then it’s thought that could then damage their standing on the European stage, potentially allowing La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga to fight for the top spot.

There’s no certainty about what will happen, and Leeds United’s Victor Orta has been speaking about it to Spanish news agency EFE.

His comments have been picked up by Diario de Sevilla, and it’s clear that Orta thinks Leeds are better placed than some other clubs should restrictions happen: “The reality is that there is nothing safe, nothing legislated, nothing planned. We have no official statement from the FA or the EFL because there is no nothing decided.

“At Leeds United we have a large number of English players, which would give us a lot of room for manoeuvre compared to other teams. We have to be prepared. Maybe we can get more English players to play more games. To be honest there is quality, a lot, but I return to uncertainty. To maintain the show and international competition, the regulation would have to go to a middle-ground.”

In the event that recruitment of footballers is limited from EU countries in the same way it is from those outside of the community then it would cause issues when signing players.

However, there’s no clarity on this, as Orta states, and it’s perhaps unlikely the same tough work permit rules would be applied.