Earlier today we brought you an update on Crystal Palace’s potential move for Real Betis midfielder Victor Camarasa.

ABC Sevilla reported Palace chief Dougie Freedman was in Seville negotiating with Betis for the Spaniard and had ‘accelerated’ their interest in the past few hours.

It was explained that Betis rejected the first bid, but ABC didn’t provide any inside details on that. Estadio Deportivo cover the ongoing story, though, and have the lowdown on the financials of it all.

They say that Palace initially offered €500,000 for a year-long loan deal and proposed a purchase option of €12m at the end of that.

Betis refused that loan offer and instead demanded a permanent transfer for €18m and informed Palace that they would not accept anything less than the €15m Cardiff offered earlier in the summer.

Freedman took this on board and informed Betis he would have to contact Crystal Palace’s owners to see if that was a price they are willing to pay. That’s something he’s presumably waiting to find out as there’s no update beyond that.

Even if they do find a price, it seems they may have to convince Camarasa into the move. Estadio say he intends to stay with Betis although it was the same last year and he still ended up moving regardless.

Likewise, manager Rubi is happy to keep the player but knows Betis have other business to do, so also knows the midfielder may be sacrificed if Palace put in an acceptable offer.