Surprise! That’s how the Honduran media is today reporting the news that Victor ‘Muma’ Bernardez has signed for Liverpool.

The 35-year-old, who’s a famous centre-back in the country, is not joining the Reds to play for them, but to work at the club’s academy in Miami.

The report was first made by outlet Diez, and then confirmed by La Prensa today. Although Bernardez was still expected to play for longer in his career, he’s apparently chosen to retire and work as a youth team coach.

But there’s one interesting information in both articles which doesn’t make sense, even though it’s left unquestioned in Honduras.

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They both recall that ‘Muma’ Bernardez has recently announced that he’s becoming a football agent as well, so he would do both jobs from now on.

This is a clear conflict of interest, as a professional who trains kids normally can’t work as an agent as well. A big club like Liverpool would certainly see a problem in it, so it will be interesting to see how this story will go on.

Maybe the Reds will be caught by surprise when finding out he’s a representative, or he will have to leave one of the jobs.