Mario Husillos left West Ham United at the end of 2019, not long after Manuel Pellegrini had also gone through the exit door and been replaced by David Moyes.

He was with the Premier League club as an advisor and director of football for a couple of years, and clearly values the time he spent in London.

La Opinion de Malaga have managed to get an interview with the 62-year-old, and their interest is because he was all of a player, coach and sporting director at various times with Malaga.

Husillos has been resting since his time with the Hammers, taking time out to travel and refresh before taking on a new challenge which motivates him.

Asked how life has been going since his West Ham exit, the Argentine said: “Very calm after two years of hard work in London. Apart from the pandemic. Peace of mind, being at home, without a phone, without email. Watching a lot of football. Following the Vélez that my son is working on. I follow him closely with great affection.”

Asked if he’s tempted to return to work in the near future, Husillos said: “I am very calm, it has been a year and a half since I finished at West Ham. It is enough time to settle things, it is an opportune moment. If things go the way I like them, I’ll be working soon. It has to be something that motivates me.”

On whether he missed the day-to-day of working in professional football at a high level, he explained: “There is a time for everything. I have taken the opportunity to travel a lot, I have been to Istanbul, which I love. I have returned to London, Athens… places where I have worked. I want to work. I am in a good moment, with many contacts after having worked in England. What comes has to be something that motivates me.”

Husillos gave the impression he has things in the pipeline, but didn’t want to reveal anything specifically until he finds a challenge which motivates him enough to leave his new, and calm, life behind.