Everything is optimistic around the Danish national team right now. Morten Olsen had been in charge of the country’s national team since the year 2000 and it’s fair to say not all the players were completely happy with his style of football.

New manager Åge Hareide has brought a fresh approach and it’s starting to be evident in the player’s performances, and also their words. Christian Eriksen especially sounds happier, and he scored his country’s winning goal at the weekend against Armenia.

That goal was set up by Viktor Fischer and both players explained how it was well planned. Eriksen was quoted by Denmark’s BT as saying: “During the warm-up, we’d done it three times, and it was very nice that we have succeeded in the match where it mattered.

“Viktor and I have played together for Ajax, and we know each other’s patterns. We communicate well and we understand each other well on the field.”

Fischer also had good words about the partnership: “We play very, very simple football, but also really good football… there is no reason to make it more difficult than it is.”

Maybe Denmark’s opponents should keep a closer eye on what Eriksen and Fischer do in the warm-up.