If you were to ask us if there was some solace we could have taken from this transfer window so far, it would have been from the lack of Gareth Bale rumours.

It’s no secret things aren’t going too well for the Wales international at Real Madrid, and while his agent does his best to play down any talk of an exit, the stories keep sporadically appearing here and there.

We’d avoided most of them, but, as always seems to be the case, it’s El Chiringuito who ruin everything by pushing a rumour that Tottenham would be interested in bringing Bale back to London in the near future.

It all started on Tuesday when journalist Juanfe Sanz Pérez claimed on the show that a meeting had taken place between Daniel Levy and Florentino Pérez.

He made it very clear he didn’t have more information than that, but he was told the reunion was about the former Tottenham man, and the English club’s chairman had shared his desire to potentially get a deal done.

Juanfe Sanz didn’t know if the transfer would have been for January or the summer, but what he has learnt over the past 24 hours is the amount Spurs would be willing to pay: €30m.

That’s the news he brings to the table on Wednesday’s edition of the show, and, once again, he emphatically clarifies that’s all the information he has, and doesn’t know what the answer from Real Madrid’s side would be.

He’s simply reporting that Tottenham would like Bale back, and if the La Liga side agree to talks, €30m is the fee they would want to pay.

This feels like a drip feeding of information to keep the story going throughout the week, and we’ll have to see if the journalist has more for us on Thursday.

Our guess the next update will be either the contract details from Spurs’ side or the fact Madrid want at least double what the Premier League side are offering.

Place your bets…