Tottenham and France skipper Hugo Lloris has been speaking to French newspaper L’Equipe, ahead of their opening game against Romania in the Euros.

The 29-year-old came close to winning the Premier League with Tottenham, but has a chance to make up for it with France at the Euros.

France have been troubled by set-pieces lately, and Lloris  was asked about facing similar problems in the Premier League, to which he replied: “In England, it’s pretty simple that on set pieces, the goalkeeper cannot get out.

“Your opponents will prevent you from gathering your momentum, you are pushed, and everything is complicated because the referees don’t protect us.”

The French goalkeeper was particularly speaking about defending set-pieces, and explained it’s really important to be aggressive.

Being indecisive when the ball and players are going toward the goal can be a disaster and some goalkeepers have struggled with it in England, but Lloris now has experience to help him, which also benefits his national team.

He added: “At Tottenham, for example, we operate with three players in the six yard box. But more than the organisation, it’s essential on set pieces to show aggression, and accountability.”

France are considered one of the favourites at the Euros, and Lloris as captain is the leader of a team the whole country yearn to get some joy, and togetherness, from.