With AC Milan taking their time to sign Emerson Royal from Tottenham Hotspur, it seems they could even go after an Aston Villa player instead.

The Rossoneri’s chase for the Spurs player started some weeks ago. Today, Calcio Mercato talks about the Brazilian’s wish to make the move. It’s said he’s ‘so enthusiastic’ that he even left other options in ‘stand-by’, just to negotiate with the Italian giants.

It turns out that Milan are still thinking about the signing. They know the conditions and will decide in the next few days if a bid will be delivered to Tottenham. While Spurs demanded €25m, they would initially offer €15m.

That’s where Aston Villa come in, because the Rossoneri are also said to be attentive to Matty Cash’s situation.

It’s said that Milan are currently ‘waiting for signs’ from the Birmingham side about the 26-year-old, as even though he’s set to cost €35m, there’s a chance there could be a discount.

Milan seem focused on landing one of them, and we’ll see whether it’s Tottenham or Aston Villa who can provide the best deal.