Emil Forsberg’s time with RB Leipzig is coming to an end, and a move to Tottenham could be an option.

The Sweden international has been with the club since 2015 but this season things haven’t been going well for him. There’s been frustration from the player and those around him, and a summer exit is increasingly likely.

Julian Nagelsmann isn’t a big fan, and Forsberg has been spending more time on the bench than he’d like.

Playing on the left and as an attacking midfielder, the 28 year old has nine goals and four assists so far this season. Those statistics aren’t brilliant, but when it’s considered he’s only played 1,356 minutes across all competitions it shows he’s still keeping up an impact.

This weeks edition of SportBild reports Forsberg wants to play in the Premier League, and has been offered to severals clubs including Tottenham.

A €20m transfer fee is considered realistic for a player who will have a year left on his contract in the summer window.

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Forsberg is quoted as saying: “It’s not going well. I don’t have to prove myself anymore. I have a contract, but everyone knows that I dream of playing in another league again.”

Aftonbladet, a Swedish newspaper, also have a slant on the player’s future today. When it comes to Tottenham, Yvonne Gabriel, who works as a journalist for Bild in Leipzig, is quoted as saying: “Jose Mourinho likes Emil Forsberg. Mourinho was clear after the first match between Tottenham and Leipzig in the Champions League.

“Premier League is a conceivable address or why not Milan if Emil Forsberg’s former coach Ralf Rangnick becomes new coach for AC Milan? I’m sure Emil Forsberg will find a good, new club. His future just isn’t in RB Leipzig anymore.”

Former Bundesliga player Guido Schäfer, who also works as a reporter, is a fan of the player, and when asked why he said: “For his way of playing football, his way of being, his passion for the game and the results. I can understand that he is sometimes seen as a little diva. It has to be like that for that type of player. Emil loves Emil, he has self-confidence.”

Manchester United, Arsenal, Leicester and Everton are the other clubs mentioned by SportBild.