Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are today again linked to Sporting star Morten Hjulmand.

The fresh rumours come from Portuguese newspaper Record, who feature a page-long story about the midfielder’s good season with the Lions.

The outlet highlights that some ‘European sharks’ are keen on Hjulmand, with Manchester United and Tottenham having watched him in the past few months.

What goes against the possibility of a summer transfer is that, besides Sporting’s will to keep him, the midfielder is happy at the club. He spoke this week to Betano-Mag, and displayed his satisfaction in Lisbon.

“Alvalade is a very special place to play. I feel at home. I knew how important the club was in Portugal and also in Europe, because Sporting often play in the Champions League and Europa League. I felt the importance of the club in Portugal. It was the right step. I’m very happy to be here.”

What should be pointed out is that, despite the media insistence on Manchester United and Tottenham interest in him, there’s been very little information about those supposed chases, as no big reports have come out so far.

Manchester United have been heavily linked to Benfica’s João Neves instead, and the rumours about Hjulmand have a lot to do with the fact that Bruno Fernandes recently praised the Sporting player.

However, Fernandes praised half the Sporting team as well as several Benfica players, so it’s odd how Hjulmand has been singled out in that regard.

In Tottenham’s case, it can’t be forgotten that the midfielder has an Arsenal tattoo, and it’s not too hard to imagine that Daniel Levy wouldn’t be thrilled with that.

As of now, the claims around both clubs and Hjulmand feel a little exaggerated.