With Antonio Conte now at the helm, there’s a feeling that Tottenham can aim a tad higher in the transfer market.

After all, the Italian is a born winner, which is exactly why Spurs brought him in in the first place, and that excites players who could get the chance to play under him, and therefore win.

One of those could be Ousmane Dembélé, currently at FC Barcelona, where his contract expires in the summer and a renewal has yet to be signed.

The offer is there, but the France international is taking his time, as his agent looks around to see if any better offers come in.

Newcastle United have certainly put a lot of money on the table for him to consider, but the project, as things stand, isn’t the most exciting.

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That’s where Tottenham come in, with Mundo Deportivo claiming Dembélé currently ‘has to decide between what Barça offer him and his desire to continue, and what comes to him from other clubs, who also offer him a signing on bonus’.

A list of clubs is then provided, among which can be found Spurs, who are clearly snooping around to get a good deal if they can.

Barcelona have given an ultimatum to the Frenchman, who is approaching the deadline set for him to give them a decision regarding his renewal, so we’re in the end game now.

Only time will tell if they manage to beat the likes of Newcastle and Manchester United to the signing, but they appear to be there and biding their time, contract at the ready.