When it comes to growth, it’s fair to say that the women’s game is enjoying something of a rapid expansion of late.

Better investment, greater public interest and more significant and substantial commitments from clubs has not only helped to develop the game but also raise the profile of its stars.

Take Tottenham’s Siri Worm as an example. Walk along Spurs’ shiny new stadium, and you’ll see her emblazoned on the glass alongside stars from the men’s team such as Harry Kane, Son Heung-min and Jan Vertonghen.

It’s a significant achievement and something she says makes her proud every time she sees it.

“(It’s) a great honour,” she told De Gelderlander.

“I’m proud of it. My mother became emotional when she saw me on the stadium for the first time. 

“Whether the players of the men’s team now recognize me? I do not know. We sometimes come across them when we enter the meeting room.

“We also bump into José Mourinho. They always say hello. Very special for us, probably the most normal thing in the world for them.”

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This is Worm’s first season at Tottenham, having arrived from fellow Women’s Super League side Everton in the summer transfer window.

The 27-year-old had been with Everton since 2017, having joined the club from FC Twente as part of a double transfer with teammate Marthe Munsterman.

Her time in Liverpool did not prove to be a happy one, although she says she is ‘happy again’ now she’s at Tottenham.

“I have a more social life here than with Everton. I didn’t like Liverpool very much,” she added.

“I didn’t always play, and the environment was very negative. There was no fine culture. At Tottenham, I am happy again as a footballer and as a person.

“I have teammates who give me a hug when I need it and allow me success. I missed that.”