Tottenham have found themselves involved in a bizarre transfer situation for Feyenoord striker Santiago Gimenez, with a ‘summit’ planned this week with those around him.

That’s according to Corriere dello Sport, who cover the player today and how Feyenoord will meet with his father and manager this week to discuss his future.

The newspaper explains that the Mexican has been eyed up by Napoli as the replacement for Victor Osimhen, who is expected to depart at some point in the summer transfer window.

They’re not the only ones who like him, though, as AC Milan and Tottenham are also in the mix and considering making a move for him.

According to their information Napoli have already made moves but Tottenham are also ‘moving around’ the striker and making it seem like they’ll make a bid.

That’s led Feyenoord to plan a meeting with his father and his representative Mariel Duayhe, along with Toon Van Bodegom, who was a punk-rocker in his younger days but is now an AI business advisor, to discuss the situation and what happens next.

The current plan for his agent is to ‘open the auction’ on May 19th, after the Eredivisie season has come to an end.

The question is whether any of the interested parties will come forward at that point with a bid that will match their expectations and demands.

Either way, Tottenham may find themselves in the middle of a battle that will involve several clubs and a punk-rocker turned AI-guru. Bizarre probably doesn’t cover it enough.