As Marcus Edwards continues to be linked with a return to Tottenham Hotspur, it seems Spurs may indeed have a great chance to buy him this summer.

Newspaper O Jogo today has a short piece claiming that Sporting manager Ruben Amorim isn’t very happy with the player’s recent form.

It’s said that even though Edwards had some peaks where he impressed at the Lisbon club, his ‘inconsistency’ is something bothering the manager, resulting in the winger being sent to the bench.

In the few minutes he’s been getting on the pitch, he hasn’t been able to convince Amorim he deserves a staring spot again, and that’s where Tottenham shows up as a solution.

O Jogo writes that Edwards still has a market in England, and it’s ‘not ruled out’ he could leave Sporting to be in the Premier League once again.

He’s said to be in Tottenham’s ‘radar’, and it’s recalled that he’s never hidden his wish to return to his home country.

Spurs would get a 35% discount if signing him back from Sporting and that’s why his return is often hyped up. However, with the 25-year-old failing to impress at a club who’ve just been Portuguese champions, we wonder whether Tottenham are actually interested or if that’s some just wishful thinking from some people around him.