Liverpool’s willingness to offer ‘much more favourable payment terms’ to FC Porto is what led the Portuguese club to sanction a transfer, and helped them beat Tottenham.

That’s according to Record, who say Porto are set to pocket €60m in total for the Columbian via an initial payment and various bonuses.

They explain that while the fixed price of €45m is already known and has been widely reported, they have detailed information on the breakdown of the transfer.

According to their sources, €10m of that depends on goals that are ‘easy to achieve’, so Porto can record an influx of €55m.

The rest of the €5m is tied to ‘sporting tasks’, but there is an ‘expectation’ that these will be fulfilled as well, putting the deal at €60m, all of which Porto believe they will get.

As such, Pinto da Costa was forced to accept the offer from Liverpool, who were aided by ‘market pressure’ on the Porto chief.

Another aspect that has worked for Jurgen Klopp and co, and was ‘decisive’ in tipping the scales towards Liverpool and not Tottenham, was the ‘favourable terms’ they have proposed.

They mean that Porto will be able to balance their accounts and their liquidity, both of which have been shaken by the pandemic and the lack of any major sales last summer.

Record explain: ‘Another aspect that was decisive for the balance to tip towards Liverpool, putting Tottenham’s attack aside, has to do with the much more favourable payment terms proposed by the Reds.’

That’s likely related to how and when the payments will be made, and the structure of the transfer. If Spurs had wanted to delay making their initial payments (with earlier claims of an improved second offer), or perhaps take an initial loan with compulsory purchase clause, a favourite of Fabio Paratici, that will have had an impact.