The Italian media are bored of Paul Pogba to Manchester United. He doesn’t get front pages any more, and the articles which do cover his move talk about the future for Juventus.

Even Mino Raiola’s supposed fee and the ins and outs of it all have got the Italian media bored, and there’s relatively little coverage.

TuttoJuve report on Tuesday afternoon: ‘Thursday, the official announcement’.

They credit/blame SportMediaset for that information, but SportMediaset say it’s from England, although they don’t actually credit anyone. There seems to be a feeling something must be said, but everyone has run out of words.

So here’s what we know: Pogba to Manchester United is very likely indeed, in Italy the media have largely moved on, bored with it all and working on an assumption it’ll be announced soon.

The announcement will be on a day, one of the seven days of the week. Between now and when that announcement is made there’ll be all kinds of claims about it being within 24 hours, 48 hours, before ‘insert day here’, and any other combination which can lead a whole load of people to insist they were proven to be correct.