Claims in England of West Ham interest in Ronaldo Vieira quickly made their way to the Italian media.

It’s been covered relatively widely, but now the Hammers’ chances of signing the Sampdoria player, who joined the Genoa club from Leeds United, have been dismissed for the January window.

SportMediaSet is a TV station controlled by the Berlusconi family, and they continually cover transfer news. have been watching and picked up Wednesday afternoon claims about West Ham and Ronaldo Vieira.

Sampdoria are said to have rejected a ‘super offer’ from West Ham for the 21 year old. The amount is put at €14m, and it’s explained the proposal has been returned to sender.

There’s no desire to part with the youngster this month, so his exit is said to have been completely ruled out for the winter market.

Whether West Ham have made this ‘super offer’ or not, it makes sense for Sampdoria to send the message out they’ve rejected it. Ahead of a potential summer sale it shows they’re going to be tough, and helps hype the player’s value.