Boavista and Sunderland are reportedly hoping that Mika’s transfer can be sorted out tomorrow.

According to Portuguese newspaper O Jogo, the clubs are expecting a response from FIFA on Thursday so they’ll know if the goalkeeper will be able to move to the Premier League.

CapturarThe clubs had agreed the transfer and exchanged the documents, but they claim that a problem in FIFA’s registration system is what led to the transfer not going through before the deadline expired.

What may well go against Sunderland Mika is that there’s been no other clubs claiming the same issues, which would be expected if it were a FIFA problem.

O Jogo says that Mika has been training normally, although he wants the matter to be sorted as soon as possible as he dreams of playing in the Premier League.

In case FIFA’s response is negative, then he’ll be set to start against Braga for a league match this weekend.