The bombshell of Thursday afternoon is without a doubt the news that Ralf Rangnick is very likely going to be the next Manchester United manager, at least in the short-term.

The German football man, who has had a multitude of jobs in the business, is allegedly set to leave Lokomotiv Moscow in Russia, where he is currently their Managing Director Sport and Communications and help steady the sinking Old Trafford ship over the next six month.

This comes following Manchester United’s decision to part ways with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer following a 4-1 loss to Watford at the weekend and a failure to prise Mauricio Pochettino from París Saint-Germain straight away.

Thus, Rangnick will come in to give them time and hopefully turn things around, with the club currently seventh in the Premier League.

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In Russia, the news has forced outlets to reach out to many people, including former Lokomotiv Moscow president Nikolay Naumov to hear their thoughts about it all.

He told Sport-Express: “If Rangnick leaves, he will leave his people at Lokomotiv. A whole team came with him. He won’t leave the club just like that, because Ralf started a huge project here. He will be able to lead his team from there and they will work.

“I don’t think that Rangnick and his partners will leave Lokomotiv, as a rule, they don’t leave so quickly. First they have to earn at least something and then they leave”.

This seems to suggest that if Rangnick is indeed announced as the next Manchester United manager, his assistants and other staff members would instead stay in Russia, perhaps with his return in mind once the job at Old Trafford is done.