Espanyol’s Pau Lopez moving to Tottenham Hotspur has gone relatively quiet over the past few days.

On Monday, Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo have their daily Espanyol page, and say there’s 3 things the club need to sort out. One of those is remaining transfers: ‘The situation of Pau, the signings of two defenders and a midfielder’.

But that’s it. There’s no elaboration on where talks with Tottenham have gone, and what the current situation is. Just an acknowledgment that it is a ‘situation’ that needs dealing with.

Espanyol specialists Diario La Grada say a Pau exit is possible. The 21 year old goalkeeper had refused several exit options previously, but Mauricio Pochettino and Tottenham are once again said to be a very tempting option.

Last week it was claimed Tottenham have submitted a bid for the player, with the Catalan media getting confirmation of this from Espanyol sources. That wasn’t enough for a deal, but talks were said to be cordial and the situation continuing.