Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 10.35.57Browsing through Catalan newspaper Sport, perhaps one of the last things to be expected is a big claim about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal.

Barcelona aren’t set to face Arsenal in the Champions League, there’s no ongoing transfer saga between the two clubs, and, for once, there doesn’t appear to be huge Catalan anger right now about Wenger snatching players from La Masia.

Nevertheless, Sport have gone big with a claim saying Wenger will leave his Arsenal job next summer.

Sport go with the headline: ‘Wenger will leave Arsenal in June’

And then a sub-headline reading: ‘A few months ago he refused to take over PSG and now his future points to the Chinese Super League’

It’s claimed that although Wenger made it clear he’d be receptive to a new contract extension, Arsenal haven’t come forward with one, and therefore the manager will leave the club in June.

Sport don’t credit any other source, but it’s obviously very difficult to believe they have an inside line on this. Wenger may well leave Arsenal, and he may end up in China, but we’re pretty sure Sport know roughly about as much as anyone reading this.