Axel Witsel rumours have been around every transfer window since the midfielder moved to Zenit. Witsel has on occasion encouraged those rumours, but until this summer has always ended up staying where he is.

It’s hard for a club to both please Zenit on transfer and please Witsel on wages, and therefore the Premier League, with all its money, has always seemed a likely destination.

Yet Witsel is much wanted in Italy, with several clubs linked every window. This time it’s been Napoli and claims in the Italian media on Saturday said that a transfer was close, after the club returned with a new effort.

However, in Russia it’s seen differently. R Sport say a source close to the player has told them there’s no talks with Italian clubs… but the player is close to an Everton transfer.

That of course sounds very promising, and there’s little reason for R Sport to spin this one, it’s no bother to them where he goes once he leaves Zenit. However, this is a Witsel rumour so anything could happen next.