In most interviews Bruno Guimarães gives to the Brazilian media, he speaks about the respect he gets at Newcastle United, from both club and fans.

It was no different in his most recent chat with TNT Sports, during which he insisted he’s very happy for the season he’s just had with the Magpies.

In that interview, it was mentioned that Guimarães is seen as a leader at the national team, given that he has some World Cup experience and there are many youngsters arriving at the squad.

He was then asked whether he’s looking forward to having the captain’s armband in the future. The midfielder claimed there would not be something new for him, and even teased with the possibility of having that role at Newcastle at some point in the next season.

“Look, that’s how I see myself. Throughout the Olympics, I was captain at the Pre-Olympics, I was captain at Atlético Paranense, I was captain at Lyon in a few games, at Newcastle, I think something will happen next season too,” Bruno Guimarães told TNT Sports.

“So I feel good, I like to talk, I like to communicate, I don’t worry, being quite serious, I don’t worry about being or not being captain, obviously, whether I am or not, I’ll be there, I’ll be talking, I’ll want to help the team. That’s how I learnt from the older players when I came, from the advice of the older players, so I want to be able to help the younger players.

“It’s even difficult to say younger players because I’m 26, but I want to be able to help Endrick, Savinho, these boys who are coming up, make them feel at home, when you feel good at your job, you can show your best. In short, I like to talk, I don’t know if I’ll be captain, but I like this leadership role.”

In that same interview, Bruno Guimarães said he’s very satisfied at Newcastle, and when asked about his future, he said he feels good at the club and will leave that issue ‘in God’s hands’. Having arrived at St. James’ Park in January 2022, his contract with the Magpies runs until 2028.