It’s fair to say that rather than Manchester United being happy at reaching a second successive FA Cup final, again against Manchester City,  the response has largely been a negative one.

And much of that negativity has been focused on Antony, whose reaction to winning the penalty shoot out has not gone down well and now sees him being criticised in the Netherlands.

The Brazilian was pictured cupping his ears and celebrating towards the Coventry City players after his side won the shootout, while the rest of his teammates celebrated in various ways.

His reaction and decision to do so scored badly with many, particularly with Harry Maguire also pictured immediately shaking hands with his opponents after the final penalty had gone in.

It was seen as something of a classless, unnecessary reaction from the Brazilian, who it seems many felt should have been more humble given what had happened in the game and the size of the two clubs.

The Manchester United forward has been roundly criticised since, with fans and pundits alike laying into the Brazilian after the game.

Wesley Sneijder can now be added to that mix, with him singling out the Manchester United man and admitting his actions had turned him against the Red Devils.

“You then immediately walk off the field. Shame on you man,” he said when discussing the FA Cup semi-final. “I hope they lose 5-0 to Manchester City in the final.”

Antony will say he was responding to a Coventry City player doing similar after Manchester United had missed their initial penalty, indeed there seemed to be verbals between the two sides throughout penalties.