Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen has been speaking to Unisport in Denmark about his career to date, and they asked him what it was like to move from Ajax to the Premier League.

“I think you always get surprised when you come to the Premier League. I think you can always hear stories that this is a hard league, they run a lot, they fight a lot, they kick a lot, they do everything.

“And it is like that, you run a lot more than you expect, and again you need to be 100% every single game, there’s no small games, there’s no small teams when you can just relax and chill.

“There are no quiet moments at all in the Premier League and I think that’s why people come to the stadium to watch the game.”

Eriksen sounds completely settled in London, the Premier League and at Tottenham Hotspur. Recently signing a new contract with Tottenham, it’s clear the footballer is content with his career right now.

Unisport asked Eriksen what sacrifices he’d had to make to get to where he is now: “The only sacrifice is probably you see your family less, you don’t see your friends and where you’re from that often, but you see them as often as you can. Luckily family can come over pretty easy when you live in London.”

A real insight came when Unisport asked Eriksen when in his career he felt he’d made it. The Tottenham player explained that hasn’t happened yet, and won’t for a ling time: “I’ve never thought of myself like I’ve made it. I’ll say I’ve made it when I retire I think.

“Then I know I’ve done what I could and I’ve done my best for as long as possible. I still have a lot of things to improve and a lot of things I want us to achieve, so for me I haven’t made it yet, no.”