The role of a director of football is one which is commonplace in wider Europe, but not so in English football. The tradition in England has been for managers to be all-powerful and have control over transfers, contract renewals, and sometimes even the finances of such.

At Everton, Ronald Koeman isn’t too concerned with all of that. Indeed, he’d much rather leave it to someone, and Steve Walsh’s arrival at Everton from Leicester City has enabled the Dutchman to concentrate on his own job.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 08.17.46Writing for Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, the Everton manager explained: “I have always been reluctant to interfere in transfers. As a coach, I work in the technical section. I say I want this or that player, but when it comes to the money, I withdraw.

“I do not need to be in there. Of course I am aware of the salaries of the players and am asked whether players should get a new contract. Again at Everton. But to negotiate myself with players or agents on their new contract? No, I do not even want to be there.”

Koeman explained that coaches in the Netherlands have long been confused that this isn’t the standard case in England, with managers leaving themselves open to wider criticism for getting a deal wrong.

The Everton also explained that he’s never wanted to be in a situation where an agent representing him also represented players at the club, feeling there’s too much room for suspicion.