The clubs didn’t shout about it, so the Spanish press was caught by surprise when they saw a new staff member on Atletico Madrid’s pre-season in the United States.

Iván Ortega, who worked for Chelsea for years, is now part of Diego Simeone’s team at the Spanish side. AS treat the change as a “robbery” by Atletico.

The article mentions the players who he already knows and has relations with at Atletico, like those who he will meet again (Filipe Luís and Fernando Torres), and the former Atlético players he was working with (Thibaut Courtois and Diego Costa, who could end up being part of the first group).

Ortega started his career at Celta Vigo and then went to Liverpool, brought by Rafa Benítez, where he was responsible for Fernando Torres’ knee recovery before the 2010 World Cup. Then he worked with a few managers at Chelsea, where he stayed until the end of last season. AS says the physio is called “El Maquina” (the machine) by Cesc Fabregas.