Everton star Richarlison has been praised in Brazil for his efforts to get oxygen to Manaus to aid the Coronavirus pandemic gripping the nation.

Yesterday we brought you a report that explained how the Blues forward had jumped to aid Manaus by donating ten cylinders of oxygen to help struggling hospitals in the region.

It was the latest in a long line of efforts from the 23-year-old, who has regularly used his large profile to help those less fortunate.

It’s not gone unnoticed in his country, with the Everton man one of the nation’s most popular players as a result of his numerous philanthropic efforts.

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Today sees him receiving praise from O Globo journalist Martín Fernandes, who, in a piece titled ‘Richarlison for president’ hails the Everton man.

The article labels the forward as the ‘most important playing Brazilian footballer’ saying his ‘brave behaviour’ in interviews and on social media ‘breaks down barriers that should never have been erected’ and dispels the idea that sport should not mix with politics.

He explains how while Brazil was again breaking another ‘macabre’ record in terms of COVID-19, Richarlison ‘again pulled the right line’ by speaking to hospitals in Manaus to see how he could help.

That led to him buying oxygen cylinders to help those suffering and, especially in Brazil, dying from the virus.

As a man who ‘always defends causes, never parties and is never political’ Richarlison is putting elected officials in Brazil to shame, according to Fernandes, who says critics only ‘spit on noble flags to defend pet criminals’.

These authorities aren’t doing enough to help, but Richarlison’s efforts encouraged help from other Brazilian players, with Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus another who stepped up.

It’s not the first time the Everton star has done so either, having already been involved in a campaign to help fight the virus that has already raised $4m in cash and $15m in funding to help ‘research and action’ against the disease.

As well as that, the player regularly speaks openly about his journey and even spends time reminding people of the Amazon rainforest fires.

These causes, and plenty of others in between, are all examples of a man who deeply cares about his country and uses his platform to help if he can.

It’s something Everton should be deeply proud of and, as Fernandes concludes, a demonstration that football is not ‘a world apart’.