It doesn’t matter if Arsenal youngster Marcelo Flores has just been loaned to a club in the Spanish second division, the Mexican media continues to follow his steps with great excitement, as they see him as one of the biggest prospects for the national team.

Medio Tiempo have managed to conduct an interview with his agent Guillermo Zamarripa, who talked more about the decision to agree a deal with Real Oviedo.

The representative started the interview talking about the ‘noise’ around the Arsenal player, claiming they had been looking for the best possible destination for the 18-year-old.

“The idea was to quiet the noise around him a little bit; and finding a team, with that noise, would have been a mistake. We focused on understanding what the best step was, because today the economic part is not important,” Zamarripa told Medio Tiempo.

“Good offers arrived and we prioritised the environment and all the context, the city and the minutes they could give him. Also the issue of being a community member, because due to Brexit – the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union – he loses that right and that is why the Spanish market was tempting. Oviedo gave us all those variables and it was the best step for his career.”

Despite playing for the Mexican national team, Flores was actually born in Canada, and having lived in the United Kingdom for a long time, he struggles to speak Spanish. So his time in Spain will also help him with the language.

“That part was an important variable, but it was not a priority. It is one of the things that adds a lot, that Marcelo can speak Spanish all the time is going to help him a lot. The step that Marcelo took is natural, he came out to have minutes week after week and start to accumulate experience as a professional, train with a first team and let’s not forget that the Second Division of Spain is very competitive, it is not an easy league and that is part of the analysis that was done.”

Flores is still to make his first team debut for Arsenal. There was anger from the Mexican media when he was left out of the pre-season squad, since he could’ve been playing for the youth ranks of the national team instead. Mikel Arteta’s decision was then explained once they agreed the loan deal with Oviedo.