We all know that for the past couple of weeks, the Bruno Fernandes saga has been pretty boring. With Manchester United and Tottenham not making any serious and official moves for the player, the Portuguese press has only been reporting more of the same.

But today, newspaper O Jogo comes up with something different.

First, they say that Sporting are having problems selling the midfielder for €70m, which is the amount they expected to get.

Fernandes’ agent Miguel Pinho has been meeting the likes of Manchester United and Tottenham in the past week, but he’s been hearing that the player’s price in the market should be between €40m and €50m.

Perhaps that’s true, and that’s the reason why things haven’t been moving for so long. But the shocking information is what comes next.

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According to information learned by O Jogo, a move which has been ‘gaining strength’ is Christian Eriksen’s transfer to Manchester United.

They claim that even though the player has been linked to Real Madrid, the Red Devils actually see him as a solution for the midfield after losing Ander Herrera.

That would be quite some upgrade, and also a different type of player.

The move would finally favour Fernandes’ transfer to Tottenham Hotspur, since the Portuguese international has always been considered to be Spurs’ favourite option to replace Eriksen.

It’s rare for the Portuguese media to report transfers which don’t have any Portuguese clubs or players involved, although there were claims about the Spurs player being close to Real Madrid at one point, however they present this as their own, rather than coming from elsewhere.

This suggests someone has told them the Eriksen claim, whether that someone is reliable or not remains to be seen.