The Rui Patricio and Sporting saga is almost at an end.

Record report an agreement was found on Wednesday for €18m, not a penny more than Wolves had offered in the first place for a conventional transfer, and not a penny more than they again offered as compensation after Patricio joined them as a free agent.

Sporting’s attempts to pressure Wolves for more money always seemed shaky to say the least and the past week saw the club’s plan wobble so much it toppled over.

Patricio rescinded his contract with the Lisbon club after attacks at the training ground and a lack of support from officials, and with one of those officials carted off to pre-trial detention and singing like a canary implicating others in the attacks… the goalkeeper’s ‘just cause’ argument is stronger than ever.

With this scenario, Wolves could have told Sporting they’d see them in court, and gambled for a true free transfer, but, despite everything, Patricio wanted to make sure his sold club got a fee.

Record report he’s also given up on a €5m signing on fee with Wolves, all to make sure there’s money there for the club he spent much of his career with.