Joshua Zirkzee’s performances for Bologna this season are ‘tempting’ Arsenal into a move for him this summer.

That’s according to Tuttosport, who say the striker’s reluctant to return to Germany with Bayern Munich may be opening the door for Arsenal and other suitors.

They cover the Italian club today and the various players in their squad that look likely to be departing in the summer, with Zirkzee at the top of that list.

He’s got 11 goals and six assists in 32 games this season and has been earning him admirers as a result, with teams inside Italy and outside all taking a close look at him throughout the campaign.

Arsenal are one of them according to Tuttosport, who say his performances are making him ‘tempting’ for the Gunners, AC Milan and Juventus.

All three have received a potential boost in their pursuit too as Zirkzee does not seem willing to return to Germany with Bayern Munich, who have a €40m clause to buy him back after his previous spell at the club.

That means that potential obstacle may be out of the way, leaving the path for Arsenal and the Italian duo to potentially battle it out.

The question is whether Arsenal would consider him the considerable upgrade for their forward line that many believe they need.

Zirkzee certainly fits the bill in terms of age at 22-years-old and he’s undoubtedly got talent, but ten goals in Serie A is hardly outstanding and with a big sum likely needed for him, it’s debatable whether the Gunners would be serious contenders.

The alternative is that they perhaps see him as a good squad option and don’t intend to spend big on a striker, which we’re sure will go down well if it’s the case.