With Chelsea taking the final steps to complete the signing of Estêvão from Palmeiras, most journalists in Brazil take the move as nearly done.

It’s always good to hear that from the best sources, though, so here are some quotes from UOL’s Paulo Vinícius Coelho about the negotiations.

The journalist starts by claiming that even though Estêvão’s transfer to Chelsea is still to be agreed, there’s certainty the youngster is moving to Stamford Bridge.

“Palmeiras have put a clause in the process of selling Estêvão, which is at an end. Estêvão will be sold to Chelsea, it’s not signed yet, but he will be sold to Chelsea and there are clauses that André Hernan brought to you on Saturday, first hand, for the deal to reach R$360m, €65m, which is €20m more than Estêvão’s termination fine, which is €45m,” said Coelho.

It’s no secret that Palmeiras want Estêvão available to play the Club World Cup next year. Now it seems that to avoid any further discussions about that with Chelsea, they’re securing that request in a clause in the transfer contract.

“With the performance bonuses, Estevão will certainly reach all the goals set for him at Palmeiras before the Club World Cup, that’s for sure. What’s more, it’s been put in the contract: Estêvão won’t leave Palmeiras before the 2025 FIFA Club Super Cup.”

The 2025 FIFA Club World Cup will feature 32 clubs, and will take place between June 15 and July 13.

Chelsea will also be in that tournament, given their 2020/21 Champions League title, so perhaps there’s a chance they’ll face each other in the competition. Meanwhile, Estêvão will be gaining some good and important experience playing for Palmeiras.