Unable to get the regular game time he needed to develop properly at Chelsea, Tammy Abraham was sold to AS Roma, where José Mourinho has turned him into a dominant force in Italian football.

The Blues prepared themselves for such a scenario, and ensured to include a buy-back clause of €80m that becomes available to trigger from 2023 onwards.

Whether Chelsea decide to use it remains to be seen, but Corriere dello Sport make it clear that Abraham, as much as he is enjoying himself in Italy, doesn’t see his long-term future in Serie A.

Looking at the player’s growth, they point out that he has a specific stimulus in all this, and his desire, which he isn’t trying to hide, ‘is to attract attention in his country to return to the Premier League as soon as possible’.

While that would be a sporting blow for AS Roma, they know they would make a profit on any sale, even if Chelsea come knocking to trigger the clause.

That’s why, logically, ‘this element is not harmful’ to the Serie A side, and the scenario of a return to England would help all involved.

Chelsea certainly have an advantage over the competition, as they have a pre-agreed, albeit expensive, deal with Roma, and should other sides come knocking, they might have to pay even more.