During the past couple of months, we’ve covered a few stories about Asier Riesgo. The 35-year-old goalkeeper rejected a contract extension at Eibar because he had an offer from Manchester City, and was ready to move to England.

It turns out that the signing never happened, and he ended up moving to Girona. Just a ‘concidence’, Diario Vasco writes today, as they give a few more details about the story.

They say Riesgo couldn’t move to Manchester City because Premier League clubs can’t sign over 17 players who have grown up out of the United Kingdom.

Diário Vasco claims that Asier Riesgo even thought of retiring once he knew he couldn’t sign for Pep Guardiola’s side, but suddenly, an offer from Girona appeared.

Riesgo was supposed to be a third goalkeeper at Manchester City, giving some more experience to the squad.

Since he had already said farewell to Eibar, he never took a step back to accept their offer, even though it was on the table for the whole summer. So the offer from Girona basically saved his career.