Last week, Brazilian outlet O Tempo claimed that Atlético-MG fullback Emerson has been chased by English sides.

Two of the clubs who would be following the player are Arsenal and Chelsea, both having reportedly scouted him in the Brazilian league this season.

Now O Tempo managed to speak to the player himself, and despite showing how happy he is with the rumours, Emerson claims that he’s focused on the end of the season with Atlético.

“This is very gratifying for me, it only gives me more fuel to work harder,” Emerson told O Tempo. “But regardless of that I’m still focused on Atletico, I don’t think about it now. My head is on the last three fixtures, I’m 100% focused on it.”

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O Tempo has claimed that Atlético would be interested in making at least R$40m (£8.3m) with such a transfer. Although the first report only named Arsenal and Chelsea, the list is now extended to Barcelona and Benfica as well.

The transfer amount isn’t a big deal for the English clubs and they could also compete well on wages.