Juan Carlos Paredes is set to leave Watford, according to reports from Ecuador.

Ecuvisa says the Hornets have 21 foreign players in the squad, and due to the Premier League rules, need to reduce this number to 17.

Paredes, known in Ecuador as ‘Hormiga’, would be one of the four players who will be shown the door this summer.

The right-back signed for Watford from Granada in 2014. Despite having a pretty prominent season in 2014/15 with 40 appearances, he only managed half of that the following year, and that has made Ecuvisa come to the conclusion that he’s not essential to the Premier League club any longer, and can be shed from the squad.

The article doesn’t mention any potential destinations for the 29-year-old, although he was linked to Turkish club Trabzonspor move last month.