Andrea Dossena hasn’t had a club since leaving Piacenza in the summer, and the 36 year old former Italy international has used some of his spare time to talk to TMW about January transfers, and whether players should move or wait for summer windows.

Using his own experience, Dossena claimed he could have moved to Tottenham Hotspur in a January window, but waited and instead went to Liverpool.

Missing out on the move to Spurs suited Dossena because he then got the Anfield switch, as he tells TMW: “In a January window I had the chance to go to Tottenham. Udinese, who held my card, opposed because for politics they did not sell the best players in the current season. It agreed with them, because six months later, continuing to do well, Liverpool bought me.”

Using his own failed Tottenham transfer to dish out advice, Dossena also said: “The best thing in January is to turn off the phone and just think about playing.”

Just because Dossena feels it worked for him, with him clearly feeling the Liverpool move was better than the Tottenham opportunity, it doesn’t mean it’s therefore the right thing for others.

Dossena was linked to Tottenham before his switch to Liverpool so the Italian is probably telling the truth when recalling his failed Spurs move.