Never take Bernardo Espinosa to a fancy ice cream parlour and ask him what flavour he wants, you’d have a very long wait. The Colombian central defender was all set to join Bournemouth and then changed his mind, thinking a stay at Sporting Gijon, where his contract is expiring, would be better.

Then came second thoughts about Bournemouth, then came an idea to join Watford, and somewhere along the line, Middlesbrough got involved in the transfer situation.

Now, Bernardo, as the Spanish press refer to him, has narrowed his choice down to 2 destinations: Middlesbrough or Sporting.

The financial offer from Middlesbrough is said to be good, but heavily waited towards not being injured and actually playing games of football. Bernardo has suffered from injury issues recently and if that situation continues then what Sporting have offered could be better, if he can stay fit then he’d earn far more at Middlesbrough.

On this final point, Bernardo can be forgiven for taking his time… it’s a difficult situation. He’s recently come back from a serious injury and may well be worried there’ll be further complications over the next year.

Difficult life choices… like mint choc-chip or madagascan vanilla?