Tottenham goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini has insisted he would remain at the club this summer if given the chance.

The Italian has been on loan with Spurs since the summer, signing from Atalanta to provide competition to Hugo Lloris.

The intention had been for him to be the cup goalkeeper, and that has been the case, with the goalkeeper making all of his ten appearances in the Conference League, FA Cup and EFL Cup.

That, unfortunately for him, means he has not made an appearance for Tottenham since the end of January, when he managed 90 minutes in the 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in the second leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final.

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That’s not an ideal situation for the goalkeeper, who, at 27-years-old, ideally needs to be playing regular football.

That has led to suggestions he won’t be staying at Tottenham in the summer and will instead be returning to Italy to take up the number one spot in a Serie A team.

It seems that would not be his idea, though, with him instead insisting he’s gained plenty from his time in London and would like to stay.

“Satisfied with the experience? It’s normal that I was hoping to play a bit more, but I knew from the beginning that I would play the cups and Lloris the league,” he told the DAZN Talks podcast. 

“I was playing the Conference, and we went out without having played; we had nine cases of Covid, and they didn’t let us postpone the game. Carabao? Out in the semi-final with Chelsea and then in the FA Cup, the last one, the coach decided not to do any turnover.

“I played 11 games and was lucky enough to train with Lloris. You can grow even if you don’t play, although there are things you only learn on the pitch, like the mistakes you make to improve.

“If you have the right head, even observing certain environments, you can learn. In football, as in other environments. I always thought that you have to make the best out of the situation. If you have the idea of wasting time, you always lose it.

“What future for me? I tell the truth: if I could, I would stay at Tottenham. I feel very good here; I am very attached to this group and the club.

“If they decide to keep me, I will be happy to stay. Otherwise, if we split up, I would like to go back to Italy. I love my home, the Serie A. Right now, I don’t know anything yet.”