Earlier on Monday we covered claims from Spain which stated that whilst Marc Guiu was very tempted by a move to Chelsea, he wasn’t convinced about leaving Barcelona.

His long held dream has been to succeed with the Blaugrana shirt and giving up on that hasn’t been so easy for the 18-year-old to digest.

So he was set to have a meeting with his family, and take advice from them before coming to a final decision on his future.

The results of that meeting must have been a resounding ‘DO IT’, because Jijantes now report he’s made up his mind and wants to join Chelsea.

Guiu is set to ‘pack his bags’ and head off for London, with the Premier League paying his €6m termination clause in the process.

Barcelona have been trying for some months to come to a renewal agreement with the attacker. They weren’t able to do that, hence his release clause being so low.

The Catalan press have previously reported that it’s not just money which can attract Barcelona youngsters to the Premier League, but also clubs providing detailed plans for their future and development.