With Argentina and Brazil not putting on a great exhibition in the 0-0 draw last night, the post-match discussion has been about the showboating skills and refereeing controversies.

Angel Di Maria’s nutmeg and Vinícius Junior’s rainbow flick were certainly the most beautiful plays to watch, although what got most attention was Nicolas Otamendi’s aggression towards Raphinha.

The Leeds United star was hit by the defender’s elbow, which resulted in his mouth clearly bleeding. VAR didn’t intervene, causing anger for Brazilian fans and the media.

With Argentines not so sure if is was a foul, TyC Sports asked fans on their Instagram page if they got away with it or if it was nothing. It turns out that Otamendi himself responded to the post, writing ‘all ball’, as if he hadn’t touched Raphinha.

This is being seen in Brazil as him mocking the situation and that he got away with it.

The blood from the winger’s mouth got worse by the end of the first half, although he came back fine after half time. The 24-year-old was one of Brazil’s best players in the game and is now back to Leeds United with his job done, as the national team guaranteed a place at the 2022 World Cup.