Nottingham Forrest are making headlines all over the Italian media.

Even though most European countries haven’t shown a lot of interest in the transfer of Adrian Galliani, there’s a pretty good reason why his name is in the news from his grandfather’s homeland.

Adriano Galliani is to this day one of the most famous people in Italian football, mainly for his time as AC Milan’s president.

So when interviewed by Tutto Mercato Web on Tuesday, the new Nottingham Forrest player talked a little about not being known for his surname in England.

“In England they don’t make me carry it. Almost zero. Here I am Adrian, more than Adrian Galliani. The manager and the board know who my grandfather is, but most of the teammates and opponents don’t (laughs). The situation is calm, they welcomed me well. I’m happy.”

He says things are a lot different from the time he spent a few months at Milan.

“In Italy it was different. I heard the word ‘recommended’ so much, but whoever wants to knock you down doesn’t go anywhere. Sometimes it hit me but then I realised that people’s badness must not hurt you.”

Adrian Galliani claims to really like the city of Nottingham, and when asked about where he sees himself in three years, he doesn’t seem keen on leaving the club so soon.

“They asked me to stay after a trial, now the adventure officially begins. It is a beautiful city, nice, young, university.

“I hope to continue here, to have a chance in the first team. I want to improve every day, to be the best person and the best possible player. My hope is to play in the big names at Nottingham Forest, in any case.”

And should he do well, there’s likely to be added transfer interest from Italy.