Paul Pogba Gazzetta dello Sport August 4thWe’ve been saying it for a few days, but it’s worth repeating – in Italy they’ve moved on from the Paul Pogba transfer saga. The big articles have gone and it’s all about what happens next.

The Italian media are largely bored of the situation and can’t even be bothered to join in with the guesses/claims of when an announcement will be.

Take Gazzetta dello Sport for example. In their Thursday edition, the smallest article on page 9 is only partly about Pogba.

It concentrates on who will replace him, but starts off by talking about the player’s crazy summer, and saying he’s waiting for the Manchester United transfer to become official, and receiving more attention whilst doing so.

Gazzetta presume it’ll be before Sunday, because otherwise he’d be expected back at Juventus. They briefly cover Pogba telling a couple of American fans that he’s saying, but don’t make anything of it, and expect an announcement soon.

So Pogba would be waiting for the announcement, but given the build-up then Manchester United may want to make something special.

At Real Madrid they build a stage and invite fans to celebrate, Mino Raiola, Adidas and Pogba would surely love such a thing.