In case you missed it, and there’s every chance you did given it’s underwhelming nature, Morgan Schneiderlin completed a move to Nice from Everton today.

The French midfielder has been linked with a move to the Ligue 1 side for the past week and a half, with negotiations developing rapidly after news of talks between the two clubs first emerged.

The deal was completed earlier today, with the midfielder leaving Everton after three-years of extreme disappointment at Goodison Park.

As is the custom these days, Nice were keen to announce their new signing in a video for social media and for Schneiderlin it went with something of a lockdown theme.

In the video they have various people associated to the club on a conference call, introducing everyone individually before getting to the newest member, Schneiderlin.

CEO Bob Ratcliffe takes his time to introduce their signing from Everton, announcing it is ‘fantastic to have you on board’, labelling him a ‘most distinguished footballer’ before inexplicably deciding to take a swipe at his former clubs by claiming ‘at last you’re joining a proper football club’.

Now, quite why Ratcliffe makes that comment is anyone’s guess, but it’s an apparent swipe at Everton and Manchester United, where Schneiderlin did not exactly enjoy the best of spells.

Southampton are also in the list of former clubs as well, of course, but he rather enjoyed his time there, so it seems unlikely Ratcliffe is targeting them too.

Perhaps it’s all just playful banter from the Nice supremo, although he’d be wise to check his history and the respective trophy hauls of the three clubs before deeming who is a ‘proper club’.